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Free from preservatives, spice extracts and artificial colours so that you can enjoy a nice meal, breakfast, dinner or a feast and live a healthy life.

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Customer Feedback

Vemica is a brand that truly stands out in the food industry.Their products are made with premium ingredients, which not only taste great but are also good for you. …

Prajwal Hiremath

While there are copious food products pouring into the market, I am very cautious on what to choose and what not. VEMICA came as surprise to me. Recently I picked VEMICA Biriyani Masala out of curiosity and was very impressed with its quality and taste. Since then, I am trying one by one different products of this brand. I would say their Coffee is the best available in the market today! Just check it yourself…

KLK Murthy

Vemica is one of the best coffees I have ever had. It has such a pleasant mouthwatering taste and fantastic flavor and is thick. The secret is that it comes fresh from the Coffee Estates owned by the owners and has proportions of Arabica and Robusta. We had recently served Vemica Coffee to more than 300 people in a breakfast event organized in 3rd week of December. Everyone loved it. Thanks to Kashriti Foods for offering a great coffee brand VEMICA.

balaji n

Vemica products are really worth giving it a try. Vemica pickles will add enhancement to your taste buds . Don’t miss out on their rasam and sambhar powder if you wish to enjoy scrumptious meal .. Go grab and enjoy various Vemica products 😊

Pratibha D Katti

All the products are extremely good tasty and hygienically prepared .. my most favourites are the coffees , each of them is uniquely formulated and refreshing 👍

lakshmi D

The freshness and aroma of Vemica products are too good and lingers on our tastebuds. Vemica Coffee is just amazing 🤩 pickles are yummy😋

Seema Fernandes

Good products . Tasty, good quality and economical. Coffee powder is a must try . The pickles and masala powders are also nice

Supriya lpathi

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