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About Us







Innovation and flair determines growth

Kashriti Foods Private Limited with the brand name VEMICA is new upcoming food brand which has currently launched a variety of processed & packed foods across Karnataka.

We aspire that VEMICA – Kashriti Foods Private Limited would establish itself as one of the top food & beverages brand pan India. To accomplish these aspirations we would need huge support from the FMCG industry and consumers who would patronage our VEMICA brand in the days to come. We would measure our success by the ability to realize business opportunities with our partners with extraordinary determination, passion and flair which would define us.

We believe that through innovation, investment in research & infrastructure and alliance among stakeholders along the food processing industry, we can create better & healthy food options for the world. As we expand our participation in the ever growing global market for food products, we are committed to be responsible and sustainable development of agriculture and contribute towards better standard of living for farmers & agricultural communities.

Our vision & Mission

VEMICAKashriti Foods Private Limited is a company with a strong local character – people-oriented, approachable and open. We strive to be a trustworthy employer that provides inspiration, opportunities, comfortable working environment combined with relevant training and instruction. Kashriti Foods Private Limited believes that well trained and motivated staff can give their best and achieve its goal. Key aspects of Kashriti is to enable individual talents & develop to the maximum, at the same time contributing towards the achievement of the Company’s long-term goal by motivating & inspiring team members and imbibing entrepreneurial values.

Our vision & Mission

We are passionate of making great food with safety. Among us are a team of experts in every area of food safety and quality assurance. It’s a culture at Kashriti, that puts quality and safety first.

Our team have established procedures that identifies key points in the food manufacturing chain that ensures product safety and quality these points includes procurement, processing, & packing too.